Monday, October 12, 2015

Bandung trip: Day 1

Day 1, Bandung.
After almost two hours flight, most of which I spent either napping or gossiping with my cousin, Najwa, we finally hear an Air Asia's captain said that we'll be landing in Bandung Airport soon. My initial excitement had worn off a while ago as it was nearly 2 hours waiting for flight delay, I am more than ready to get off the plane and sleep in guesthouse because it was late at night. As we get off from the plane, we can feel the chilly, cold night air and the temperature here seems at 18 degree Celsius. Oh, sometimes it reminds me about night in Busan but wth move on please. The airport here is crowded with people as it is unexpectedly small and its surrounding just like a bus station, exactly not like an airport. We need to alert about the luggage thingy as there are a lot of people waiting, rushing and queue up to take their stuff, so I need a FRESH air. I'm sleepy at that time but someone make me stay awake! Guess what I met my SCHOOLMATE LOL THAT'S SO FUNNY WTH. Well, goodluck in your study vimel. Be a good and handsome indian doctor, haha!

After settle with the stuff thingy whatsoever, we meet the tour guide, Pak Heru. He is quite friendly and nice towards us which we are happy with his service during this trip. Now we are heading to Ariandri Guesthouse to check in and .. (to be continued) 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorrow day

So I never thought that everything gonna end quickly as it seems as I just arrive here yesterday, as I just moved from Busan to Seoul yesterday , as I enjoy eating cheesy kimchi fried rice in Nami yesterday, as I walked along the Busan street on night yesterday and yeah everything just like yesterday. How time flies in those 8 days.

Day 8. It was a last day we gonna enjoy this cold morning here so we decided to walk along Itaewon streets. My tummy was grumbling and I was really looking forward to the pizza or kebab or something like that and pufff we finally find Kebab halal  yeayyy! 

najwa focusing on something hihiks

my sisturr moon

gd was here a loooong time ago :)
and it's time to say goodbye

Thank you min (owner of itaewon backpackers) and kak mira for an awesome trip in Korea! Thank you jugak kat sesiapa yang baca blog ini. Banyak bebel je hahah kbai :) 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seodaemun prison

Day 7. We are here in Seodaemun prison. The prison, built in 1908, is a symbol of Japanese cruelty and oppression during their colonial rule of Korea from 1910 until 1945. The main hall has three floors of exhibitions, including lifelike recreations of torture scenes in the nightmarish interrogation cells in the basement. It seems a beautiful prison and surrounding, but we never know the horror and brutality that took place inside...
The first building you will come upon entering

that Japanese statue looks scary...
and we just playing around ...
and flying..

and taking pictures...
Ewha womans university

 and all the sweetest dream gonna end tomorrow T.T

Saturday, July 25, 2015


 Day 6. A white, soft snow flakes that fall slowly from greyish sky and melting into my black gloves made my heart fluttered in Nami Island.The place which painted white with snow feel like we are here shooting for Winter sonata drama (omg you can laugh now).It was negative eleven degrees celcius, cloudless grey sky. The weather was so cold that most of the water became frozen. My pace has slowed right down and I take a step toward the frozen lake.  I just want to cry happily because I never had experienced winter. I only see snow in movies and it looked amusing and beautiful. Although weather forecast are quite accurate before the day and we lose hope for snowfall, but it is very much unpredictable, it could just snow out of sudden or not. You'd never know, but Allah knows. I thought that Allah has listened my prayers as I wish that there will be snowfall during our trip to Nami. MashaAllah, I'm just amazed for His beautiful creation. As I sat in train which heading back to our guesthouse, a fine layer of snow covered almost all the rooftop of the house and building, snow-covered trees and made the road whiten along Seoul.

view from train

view from train
frozen river

 During the winter seasons, many tourists will stopped by to this stall that sells steamed red bean bun. Its so tasty and cost 1000 won (RM3) each.

Is it just me or everyone looks like a terrorist...

too much jacket and layers inside my coat make my biceps looks bigger (Kookie) lol

Till then, annyeong.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A night before snow

Day 5. A cold windy night shook in the middle of Dongdaemun. The temperature was dropping and we could feel it through our jacket even we wear heat tech and many pieces of sweater inside our coat. We ran to the nearest convenience store to keep us warm. It didn't make any difference. How could it be so cold? How could it keep getting colder? I feel that I'm gonna die anytime at that moment. At that time I miss the warm, sunny days in Malaysia. But we never know where the next miracle is gonna come from, the next smile, the next wish come true until we experience it on the next day (sparkling eyes)..To be continued..