Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stuck up

Day 4. My eyes flew wide open with fright, my body froze in the middle of Seoul. It was negative degree Celsius in the morning. We were upset. We couldn't find our guesthouse.We lost and failed to find our way back. There were only my sister, cousins and me. Too exhausted and muddled that we were not yet positive whether we were awake or sleep. All of us just confuse and clumsy with the directions to Mumum guesthouse because the view and arrangement of Hanok guesthouse looks similar. We still wasn't sure if we doing the right thing, but we'd made a compromise with our self, as long as we are safe and could get out of this freaky cold air. We walked and walked. Time made no sense as we pushed slowly through the street. It was hours passing, but also only seconds. Maybe it felt like time have been frozen because the Hanok look the same as far no matter how far we went. We started to worry as we were walked in the same circle but it terrified us so much. 

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