Saturday, July 25, 2015


 Day 6. A white, soft snow flakes that fall slowly from greyish sky and melting into my black gloves made my heart fluttered in Nami Island.The place which painted white with snow feel like we are here shooting for Winter sonata drama (omg you can laugh now).It was negative eleven degrees celcius, cloudless grey sky. The weather was so cold that most of the water became frozen. My pace has slowed right down and I take a step toward the frozen lake.  I just want to cry happily because I never had experienced winter. I only see snow in movies and it looked amusing and beautiful. Although weather forecast are quite accurate before the day and we lose hope for snowfall, but it is very much unpredictable, it could just snow out of sudden or not. You'd never know, but Allah knows. I thought that Allah has listened my prayers as I wish that there will be snowfall during our trip to Nami. MashaAllah, I'm just amazed for His beautiful creation. As I sat in train which heading back to our guesthouse, a fine layer of snow covered almost all the rooftop of the house and building, snow-covered trees and made the road whiten along Seoul.

view from train

view from train
frozen river

 During the winter seasons, many tourists will stopped by to this stall that sells steamed red bean bun. Its so tasty and cost 1000 won (RM3) each.

Is it just me or everyone looks like a terrorist...

too much jacket and layers inside my coat make my biceps looks bigger (Kookie) lol

Till then, annyeong.

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