Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sorrow day

So I never thought that everything gonna end quickly as it seems as I just arrive here yesterday, as I just moved from Busan to Seoul yesterday , as I enjoy eating cheesy kimchi fried rice in Nami yesterday, as I walked along the Busan street on night yesterday and yeah everything just like yesterday. How time flies in those 8 days.

Day 8. It was a last day we gonna enjoy this cold morning here so we decided to walk along Itaewon streets. My tummy was grumbling and I was really looking forward to the pizza or kebab or something like that and pufff we finally find Kebab halal  yeayyy! 

najwa focusing on something hihiks

my sisturr moon

gd was here a loooong time ago :)
and it's time to say goodbye

Thank you min (owner of itaewon backpackers) and kak mira for an awesome trip in Korea! Thank you jugak kat sesiapa yang baca blog ini. Banyak bebel je hahah kbai :) 

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