Monday, October 12, 2015

Bandung trip: Day 1

Day 1, Bandung.
After almost two hours flight, most of which I spent either napping or gossiping with my cousin, Najwa, we finally hear an Air Asia's captain said that we'll be landing in Bandung Airport soon. My initial excitement had worn off a while ago as it was nearly 2 hours waiting for flight delay, I am more than ready to get off the plane and sleep in guesthouse because it was late at night. As we get off from the plane, we can feel the chilly, cold night air and the temperature here seems at 18 degree Celsius. Oh, sometimes it reminds me about night in Busan but wth move on please. The airport here is crowded with people as it is unexpectedly small and its surrounding just like a bus station, exactly not like an airport. We need to alert about the luggage thingy as there are a lot of people waiting, rushing and queue up to take their stuff, so I need a FRESH air. I'm sleepy at that time but someone make me stay awake! Guess what I met my SCHOOLMATE LOL THAT'S SO FUNNY WTH. Well, goodluck in your study vimel. Be a good and handsome indian doctor, haha!

After settle with the stuff thingy whatsoever, we meet the tour guide, Pak Heru. He is quite friendly and nice towards us which we are happy with his service during this trip. Now we are heading to Ariandri Guesthouse to check in and .. (to be continued) 

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