Tuesday, January 2, 2018

a connection

My friend shared me a short story about power of dua last night. So, I would like to share this with you because it’s truly wonderful and it’s something nice to practice in your routine life, InshaAllah.

This is based on true event. Here it is. There’s a girl who like to make a list of things that she loves to do. So one day, she made a list of characteristic that she would find in her future husband. She was very specific with her characteristics. For example, she stated that her husband should know how to smoke, but never smoke. Weird right? But she knew she wanted specifically for her future goals. So she wrote it down and the list had 100 characteristics. Years later, she had found her husband and gotten married. Then one day she went to clean up her house, she found the list again. For fun, she ticked off every characteristic on the list that her husband possessed. Guess how many out of 100 was the same?

All 100 points.

This show that, when we dream, we have to really dream. We have to really know what we dream exactly to the point. We have to be specific with our goals as if we know what we want, ultimately one day we will reach that goal. You should dream big, and don’t care what others think about it. Dream big, because it is what you want in life.I knew that it is easy to say that one can or will do something, but is much more difficult to actually do it. But it is a little reminder for me and for you, maybe? It goes the same with our dua. When we dua to Allah, be specific, let Him know what we want, even when He already knows deep inside in our heart. Success comes from Allah, your effort is just an application to Allah for that success. Our dua is our bridge, our connection to Allah. Be dependent on Him entirely, because only He can carry the weight of our happiness, worries and dreams. We can tell every ugly thing about us, every weakness, every flaw and every bit of our worries and fears to Him. He knows and He still loves us. Because His Mercy is too big for us to comprehend. Always remember that, my dear.

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